Celebs, brands and fake fans …

We all use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social networks. But what is stuck behind them? We think we know everything, do we?

Celebs, Brands and fake fans...

Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans …


  • Social media – connecting with everyone, including celebrities;
  • Who pays celebs for likes and tweets?
    What to believe online?
  • Buying fans and followers- buying popularity
  • Business – Dhaka, Bangladesh
    3 dollars  – 1000  Youtube views, only for 3 hours
    15 dollars – 1000 Facebook likes
  • Monopoly – take down the profile, because of fake likes.
    Coca Cola – 6 millions fake views
    Sir Billi  – 65.000 likes
  • Celebs tweet  what brands say to tweet. (they send a dress to an actress – she tweets about it)
    You give the gift, you get the tweet.
    They come, they tweet.
    Gifts give tweets.

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