The differences between the life in Bulgaria and the United Kingdom

Bulgarians in the United Kingdom

Bulgaria is an amazing country with a beautiful nature, friendly people, old history, incredible environment and everyone should visit it. In the past few years a lot of things in this country had changed, it is getting better and better. But after 500 years Bulgaria under Turkish slavery and approximately 50 years communism it is difficult for the country to be developed like Germany, Italy and England. Bulgaria does its best to give people everything they need.


   Of course it needs a lot of time and resources to change into a great place for young people to find workplaces or to get a good education. Unfortunately there is a corruption and not enough workplaces so people do not know what to do. In this situation they consider going abroad to take life in their hands. Statistics show that every year more and more people leave Bulgaria to find a better place to live and work abroad. A lot of people decide to go to the United Kingdom.

   People, who have the opportunity to go to England to work or study, take that chance. New statistics have shown that the number of Bulgarians working in the UK rose by a quarter in three months.The Office for National Statistics said 141,000 were employed from April to June 2013 compared with 112,000 in the previous three months – up nearly 26%. (The research is not only for Bulgarians, but also for Romanians.). On 1 January 2014, Bulgarians will be able to work anywhere in the European Union as the last of their membership restrictions are lifted, including Great Britain.

   Bulgarians do not come to the United Kingdom only to work, but also to study. Surveys about the students in Bulgaria and abroad show that all Bulgarian students who are studying abroad are about 80 000. Half of graduated students in Bulgaria chose to receive their education in Western Europe. This is the period when Bulgarian students chose Great Britain. The number of the students in British universities increased three times for three years between 2008 and 2011.

    Everyone wants the best for himself, aims for a well paid job, a big house and an expensive car. But it can not happen without an education and hours of hard work. For now Bulgarians have the opportunity to go abroad and find a better place to live, work, raise a family and grow old. And every year far more people decide to go to the United Kingdom.


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