A bulgarian in London


We, Bulgarians, have a lot of traditions and one of them is ‘Baba Marta’ – wearing a red and white ‘martenitsa’ (lets say it’s a type of bracelet) for health, luck and happiness.

From the first of march until we see a white stork or a blossoming tree we wear the martenitsa. After that we simply hang them on a tree. Unfortunately there aren’t any white storks in the UK so I guess a blossoming tree it is.

Since my first year living in London, my partner and I have had a tradition – we hang them on the same tree at South Bank. It’s a very special magical place for us – we used to spent a lot of time there after uni and it’s kind of one of ‘our’ special places.

Here are some pictures from last night – I hope you like them.

– Radi 🌍


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